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Welcome to the official website for Lost In Discord. LID is a Gaming/Vibe/Chatting server with over 1,000 members on discord and growing. With hundreds of people from all over the world in voice and text channels to chill and vibe with, you will never be bored again.


This server has people in voice chats all the time just talking to one another and hanging out.

There are many opportunities for everyone to get roles on the server and really be a big part of the community.

Giveaways and Events hosted all the time for many different amazing games and whatever the community wants to play.

There are a variety of different channels in this server that will not have you bored for even 1 minute!

Staff team

Lost In Discord is currently not looking for staff currently, however, you can view a list of requirements when the staff application is released. All staff members start off as trial moderators with regular performance reviews to assess whether or not they will progress to moderator or be demoted. Our staff are key to making Lost In Discord a success, so if you are a team player and a keen community member, read on to find out how to apply and the requirements!


We advertise on many platforms. Since we are a discord server, we mainly advertise on discord related platforms such as disboard, top.gg, and other discord advertising platforms. Below you can find links to help us spread our community, be sure you join our discord server to get claim your rewards for advertising, they are automatic!


Thank you to all of our contributors that provide feedback with constructive criticism to make Lost In Discord a better place. You can give us feedback by clicking here.

lil admin

"Hey I'm Lil Admin the owner of Lost In Discord. It's been a crazy journey creating and spending so much time on the server. I remember getting super excited when we first hit 100 members and I thought we couldn't get any bigger, then 500 and so on. It's so heartwarming to see this community grow as friendships are built and memories are made. Of course the server wouldn't have been what it is today without the amazing staff team that pour their heart and soul into moderating the server and making it a safe home for everyone."

- Lil Admin, Owner

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